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Top 7 Reasons Why You’ll Want To Work With Code & Taylor:

1. We SPECIALIZE In Working With Design/Marketing Agencies. That means we understand your need for reliable development experts who deliver expected results. We understand you make commitments based on our commitments to you, and WHY it’s critical we meet those commitments. We know your client doesn’t care if you hired someone who didn’t perform; they hold you accountable. So, it’s not just about technical expertise. It starts with using our broad experience and creative instincts to set appropriate expectations from our end.

2. We will NOT COMPETE with you.  Once you introduce us to a client, we will not ever work directly with that client, unless YOU desire and approve it. Our business model is to work with you to help your agency succeed and profit from the work we do for you. YOU, as an agency, are our primary client. That is our model, our strategy, and our commitment.

3. We Are RELIABLE And RESPONSIVE. When you engage with us, you are getting a US-based development team that is committed to making you successful with your clients. Communication is a key deliverable; whether it’s during project timelines, or as part of follow-up support, or periodic reviews. You can’t afford to get “ghosted” by your web developer when your client has an urgent request, or when a deadline approaches.

4. All Projects Are Completed AS AGREED, And ON BUDGET. When you hire us to complete a project for you, we guarantee to deliver precisely what we promise to deliver, on time and on budget. We offer our agreements on a fixed-fee basis so you know exactly what you’re going to pay, not a penny more.

5. We Have a UNIQUE ABILITY to Understand Client Business Goals and develop technical solutions to meet those goals. As experienced business owners ourselves, we have developed a proven process to get to the underlying results your clients need. Organizations don’t “just need a website.” They need to increase sales, improve service, increase membership, or increase constituent involvement, etc. We apply appropriate technology to build an Internet presence designed to meet the client’s specific goals. That makes you look good, and keeps clients coming back for more.

6. We SPECIALIZE In Delivering Custom Solutions To Challenging Requirements. There is more to development than making a website “look right.” We have the expertise and experience to build it right, too. We use fast and efficient web technologies that allow us complete flexibility to build what the client needs, including custom plugins, while offering an intuitive UI for content changes that users rave about. That means we don’t build cookie-cutter websites using bloated one-size-fits-all templates and content managers.

7. We Have Flexible, Tailored-To-Your-Needs DEVELOPMENT & SUPPORT OPTIONS. We provide a range of options in how we relate to your clients. For example, we can white label our services to provide you with an additional profit center for web development, meaning we will “wear your logo” in all client-facing interactions. We can also help you market and sell our services under your brand. Or, we can take on direct responsibility with the end-client via a referral from you (and pay you a commission). Likewise, we will recommend an ongoing support solution specifically for each client, which can help keep your name in front of the client for ongoing business.

What our clients are saying about our Senior Developer & Co-founder, Jason Lee:

I Can Always Count on Jason for Solutions

My agency works with many high-end clients.  The biggest benefit Jason brings is I can always count on him to find a solution for any problem I throw at him. Unlike many other developers, Jason considers the needs of the client when determining a solution for a problem, or planning a project. He thinks beyond the task at hand. If you want a developer that will focus on the right solution for you or your clients, someone who will see a project through with focus and finesse, Jason is your guy.

Darin Coin
Creative Director Interactive, Xenn Creative
Jason Handles the Complex Well, and He Makes My Job Easier

Jason sticks with the project in the face of complex challenges. Because he brings a variety of developer skills (HTML/CSS/JS/SQL/PHP/EE) to our project, AND because he has UX and design savvy, he can solve problems within the framework provided. This means the functions work AND he keeps the design and UX unified. Smaller UX or Design issues don’t need a solution from me, which I love because of the time savings, and I don’t compromise on delivering a good user experience.

Hendrik-Jan Francke
Owner & Lead Strategist, Bright Orange Thread
Jason Made the Creation of My Complicated and Demanding Website Look (Almost) Easy

If you asked me what was the single biggest benefit in hiring Jason, I would say his stellar expertise and over the top capacity to tackle tricky configurations and somehow, magically, make it all work. He has the ability to think on his feet and brainstorm on how to do things in the best way, that is above and beyond what I’ve encountered in other developers in the past. I’m thrilled and grateful that he did such a beautiful job on my complicated and demanding website, and even made it look (almost) easy.

Jason has a creative side that comes into play when brainstorming through problems that is a big asset. It’s not just that he is an amazing techie, but that he has clearly and extensively studied websites from the front-end and back-end. My observation is that he reaches into a big, state of the art toolbox, to help him get things done.

Why hire Jason? I would say hiring an expert (Jason) honors the energy, money and the time it takes to create a good website—to make it modern and something that will be lasting. Jason takes many aspects into consideration in his work, functionality being a big one, state of the art another, and there are more. It is clear he is keeping the client’s needs in mind, as well. That’s a biggie.  I am very very very happy!!!!

Karla Refoxo
Tulku Jewels
7 Years of Frustration Turned into 3 Years of The Happiest Clients

Jason is not only extremely capable and knowledgeable but he is responsive and looks out for our bottom line.

He thinks outside the box and comes up with creative solutions that make sense and are efficient. He is also straightforward if he is not the right person to go to for a particular project - so the trust is always there.

I would say we have been developing our website for over 10 years. We had been frustrated for so long with so many different developers. Since we have found Jason we have been the happiest clients for over 3 years working with him. It has been a main reason for sticking with the [content management] platform that we love so much. Thank you Jason, for all you do!

Jennifer Law
Editor, Bergen Mama
A Partner, Not Just A Vendor

Working with Jason, I found him to be fast, efficient, knowledgeable and accessible. I like that he is US-based, quick to respond, and provides me with multiple solutions to problems presented. If you’re looking to invest with somebody as a partner, and not a vendor, get off the fence and dive in with Jason Lee.

Jeremy Mansfield
Creative Director, Brand Aid
A Collaborative Approach And A True Extension of Our Team

My single biggest benefit from hiring Jason has been his flawless work, at lightning fast speed. At the same time, Jason brings a collaborative approach to ensure the end result is the best route to accomplish our goals. Other developers I have worked with have been more “order takers.” If you are considering hiring Jason, I highly recommend him! He is easy to work with, collaborative, committed, responsive, talented at what he does, and is a true extension of our team!

Lori Tyler
VP of Marketing, AccessData
On Our Large Project With Tight Deadlines and Budgets, Jason Solved Problems Others Could Not

Jason proved his advanced knowledge of Expression Engine and his willingness to work on a large project with a tight deadline and budget. He was able to solve difficult problems that others weren’t able to solve. He is one of the best developers, easy to work with, and very conscientious.

Glenda Hoffman
Marketing Strategist & Creative Director, Glenda Hoffman Consulting
Jason Has Saved Our Company Thousands In Development Fees and Has Improved Our Product Presence Three-fold

Before hiring Jason, our company was with a big name development firm for over a year. We were tired of long delays in work orders and untrackable astronomical billing. Jason has been incredible to work with and an invaluable partner. His clear lines of communication, honest and simple billing and speed of completion have helped us immeasurably. Compared to other developers I’ve worked with, Jason's speed and quality of work is unmatched. He truly understands and has a passion for his craft, and it shows consistently. He has saved our company thousands in development fees and has improved our product and presence three-fold.

Jason is an honest, hard working family man and a true expert in his field. His lines of communication are always clear, whether it’s in regard to development, support or billing.  We have been with the biggest names in web design, and some of the biggest firms, and they can not hold a candle to the service, product and speed in which Jason delivers to our web design needs. Jason is always a phone call away and usually can help resolve any support needs within seconds.

Josh Botbol
President, Let’s Talk Interactive, Inc. DBA Let’s Talk Counseling
We Were Blown Away With The Results of Jason’s First Project, Leading To Dozens More, All 100% Right

Our company generates our leads online, so our website is paramount to our success.  We operate in a fast-paced, ever-changing industry, and our website constantly needs to be updated to meet the needs of our customers.  The two biggest benefits to working with Jason is the fast turnaround time on projects and the peace of mind I have when I email him a request.  One email and I know it’s done; I’m not having to constantly follow up to check the status of the work. Instead, I can focus on running our business.

Jason is light years ahead of other developers when it comes to project turnaround time.  I never have to worry if a project is getting worked on or not – I have confidence it’ll be done quickly.

When we first worked with Jason, we were hesitant to move forward with him (or any developer) due to a bad experience with a prior developer.  We selected a small project for Jason to work on, and we were blown away with the results.  We’ve since engaged Jason for dozens of other projects. One thing we love about working with Jason is that we aren’t nickeled and dimed to death.  Every project has iterations and tweaks, and we appreciate that we can make these changes to get the end result 100% right without constantly being billed for 5 minutes here and there. When selecting a new developer, economics is always a factor, but anyone should have confidence that Jason will deliver what he promises on time and on budget.

Cort Ouzts
Director, POS Nation

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